Slow Money Presents: Towards Aware and No-Harm Investing with Marco Vangelisti

December 10th, 2020 : 4pm-7pm

The summer of 2020 will be remembered as the Great Decoupling – the point in time when Financial Capitalism decoupled from the Capitalist economy.

Yanis Varoufakis summarized the phenomenon in a pithy tweet:

Financial capitalism has decoupled from the capitalist economy, skyrocketing out of Earth’s orbit, leaving behind it broken lives & dreams. As the UK sinks into the worst recession ever, & US edges toward failed state status, FTSE100 goes up 2% & S&P500 breaks all-time record!

What has not decoupled is the impact that our investments have on the world we are living in. If we are concerned about climate change, social instability, racial inequality, and/or erosion of democracy, chances are our investments are in part responsible or implicated.

In this workshop, Marco Vangelisti will help you gain an understanding of the importance of moving towards aware and no-harm investing, and the options and tools available to do so. You will be introduced to an important new dimension to investing – the aware dimension – and to the importance of impact and regenerative investing in bringing about a healthier future. You will be introduced to additional resources about due diligence, local investing, and opportunities to learn more on the subject.

During this interactive 3-hour workshop you will get to personally connect the rest of the attendees and the opportunity to create a community of practice.